Joe Martino – The Awakening Of Unidentified (The 5th Element – Part 6)

Voice credits:
Joe Martino (Collective Evolution / The Shift Project)

From the video “Awakening Requires No Special Identity”
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Theme Soundscape by: Rameses B – “Constellation”
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The end scene personalities in this montage (listed in the order shown):

Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change), Terence McKenna, Abraham Hicks, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dan Dicks (Press For Truth), Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Ronny Edry (Israel Loves Iran Campaign).


Clips and inspiration from these awesome creators:

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“The 5th Element” project is a visual reflection of a human shift in consciousness taking place on our planet right now. More and more people are starting to see beyond the mainstream illusions of separateness, endless fear mongering, socially constructed perceptions of who we are as a species and why we came into this world.