Infinite Waters – The Art Of Evolution (The 5th Element – Part 4)

Voice credits: Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters

Theme Soundscape by: Rameses B – “Every Cloud”
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Clips and inspiration from these awesome creators:

* Planet Earth – Montage – BBC Dodumentary (
* Planet Earth Seen From Space (ESA HD) (
* Solstice in Times Square (
* Increible – Full HD (
* Geoescape – “Free Hugs In Lisbon” (
* StockFootageForFree (

Material used for educational purpose in the name of global humanity.

* Non Profit Project

“The 5th Element” project is a visual reflection of a human shift in consciousness taking place on our planet right now. More and more people are starting to see beyond the mainstream illusions of separateness, endless fear mongering, socially constructed perceptions of who we are as a species and why we came into this world.