The 5th Element is an independent non-profit video montage series, created as a reflection of a human conscious shift taking place on this planet right now. More and more people are starting to see beyond the mainstream illusions of separateness, fear mongering, constructed perceptions of who we are as a species and why we came into this world. It isn’t about judging what is currently in place, being angry at it and changing it to make it better. It’s about choosing to step out and expand our possibility of what can be.

1. What Did You Do To Help Save The World? Terence McKenna
2. Erase Those Barriers Of Indifference Bruce Lipton & Infinite Waters
3. Moving Beyond The Matrix Interlude
4. The Art Of Evolution Infinite Waters
5. Are We Alone In This Universe? Neil DeGrasse Tyson
6. The Awakening Of Unidentified Joe Martino
7. The Real You Is Quantum Simon Welsh
8. Transformation Of Duality Simon Welsh
9. Reality Is A Phenomenon Terence McKenna
10. Manifestation Of Imagination Ben Stewart

2012-2013 | 20 minutes shortfilm in 10 episodes. Watch The Trailer



2014. Illusion Of Time Terence McKenna
2013. What If I Told You To Wake Up? Various People
2013. Earth, Stories Of A Pale Blue Dot Carl Sagan

Latest | Stand-alone video projects.


We are into short-length video montages, creative creations, shortfilms, alternative inspirational “mashups” and audio waves of a conscious evolution taking place on this Planet. Join us on Facebook for video updates (once in a while) and discover some of the many inspiring video montage and shortfilm projects from around the world. We have an album there with various images, creations and quotes as well. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you might like to support us there. We’ve set up various playlists in different categories and will be adding new video projects there in the nearby future.

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